Meat products of Agroindustrial holding PROMAGRO are well known for a long period of time and took significant part at food market of Russia. Half pork carcasses 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories, dissection products, cooled and frozen by-products are successfully implemented at Central, North-West, Southern, North-Caucasus, Crimea, Privolzhsky, Sibearian and Far Eastern Federal District.

Compliance with international standards gives us a right to enter international market.

Because of well coordinated work of our employees, the Buyer always gets fresh meat products at the earliest.



Products deep processing by PROMAGRO brand are supplied to federal retail chains and non-retail stores. PROMAGRO product line includes large-sized and small-sized products (loin, shoulder, belly, tenderloin, hind shank, ribs) and minced meat. 

The consumer brand was the basis of the retail brand: "Big City Food". PROMAGRO as a name reflects the scale and the value of the company with federal importance. That proves reliability of producer. PROMAGRO holding has been working on B2B market starting from 2003 and is acknowledged as a responsible partner and supplier.





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The "Mitrofan Lagidze" syrups are a real playground for your culinary fantasies, since using our syrups you can prepare a huge variety of desserts, cocktails and confectionary items, each of which will have its own unique and unparalleled taste!

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