PROMAGRO has launched production of branded convenience foods

The opening of the 3rd line of PROMAGRO pork processing plant was hold on 11th of November 2017 in Stary Oskol, Belgorod region. Its launch ensures for Agroidustrial Holding entering final customer market with chilled convenience foods under its own trademarks. 

The new production is placed on the area of 6 ths square meters and is included pork deep processing facility with a capacity of 240 heads per hour, a packing line and a ready products warehouse. After processing and boning, pork meat is forwarded to the address consolidation warehouse with a capacity of 150 tons and further to the packing area with a capacity of 16 tons per hour.



Project capacity of the 3rd line of pork processing plant is more than 100 tons of convenience foods per shift.


The convenience foods equipment was supplied by the Dutch company Marel who is considered like one of world leaders in this industry.



145 manpower will work on the one shift operation at the three new production areas.



The 3rd line became a logistic follow-up of existing pork processing plant which ranked among Top-10 The Largest Producers of chilled meat in Russia. Now the total area of complete PROMAGRO pork processing complex includes 55 ths square meters. 




3rd line plant investments are estimated more than 1 bln Rubles. The project was implemented in co-operation with VTB bank.


Pork meat deep processing is one of top priority and prospective lines of companies’ development. Starting up the 3rd production line of pork processing plant ensures to finalize implementation of full circle production strategy.

«PROMAGRO holding continues to improve its leading positions at the market. From now on fresh and natural meat products will be served in a consumer packing. Production release of pork deep processing gives a possibility to a company to extend the sales network, change clients’ structure and ensure getting additional income", – informed CEO of PROMAGRO holding Konstantin Klyuka.

Consumer’s insight BIG CITY FOODS was taken as a basis for retail business. PROMAGRO as a name reflects the scale and the value of the company with federal importance. That proves reliability of producer. PROMAGRO holding has been working on B2B market starting from 2003 and is acknowledged as a responsible partner and supplier.  



The availability of feeding facilities is the main guaranty of clean content of final product as well as location of production facilities in ecologically clean Belgorod region of Russia; all these aspects make it possible to specify unique quality characteristics of the product.  



The own genetics of breeding stock, hi-tech livestock management, compliance with biosafety requirements, logistic infrastructure and specific conditions for meat’s maturation guaranties feeling of safety and confidence for the buyers. 



PROMAGRO Production Line includes primal cuts and individual retail cuts (tenderloin, butt, belly, loin, ham hock, ribs) and minced meat. 



Products under PROMAGRO brand will be supplied to federal retail chains and non-networked retail starting from beginning of this year. Contracts have already made with such retailers as X5, Lenta, OK. Segment HoReCa is represented by premium hotels like Marriott and McDonald’s restaurants.