PROMAGRO finishes the year with record production figures

Last year ended up with significant increase of production volume and implementation of large investment projects.

Having launched pig breeding complex Oskolsky Bekon 3 with production capacity of 30 thousand tons of meat per year. Run into operation fodder production plant with planned capacity 80 thousand tons of feed per year. Opened meat processing plant with a capacity 1 million heads per year.

Shipped 40 thousand tons of finished products. According to forecasts, the company's revenue in 2016 will exceed 4 billion rubles. By 2017, it is planned to increase the revenues and production volumes by 1.5 times.

Next year our company intends to implement two major investment projects – to expand pigs breeding complex and to open the third division of meat processing plant.

Construction of six additional buildings for  feeding makes production capacity goes up by 40 %  at pig breeding complex Oskolsky Bekon 2.

By means of opening the third division of meat processing plant, PROMAGRO will enter the market of chilled convenience foods in the fourth quarter of the year. Investments in production will be more than 1 billion rubles.

2017 announced in AIC PROMAGRO as thr year of quality: quality management, quality processes, quality products.

At the end of December in PROMAGRO the structure of corporate governance has changed.

CEO Konstantin Klyuka was elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors; the Executive Director assigned Alexander Grinev, who previously was the Head of Procurement and Logistics.