Investing in leadership

Implementation of few large-scale investment projects contributes to complete pork production cycle, increases cost efficiency and profit margin. 

“The strategic goal of the company is cost leadership. Accomplishing this goal means to develop a clear formalized management system, which allows monitoring at all stages of production and inventory management, to get cheaper resources than competitors", - says head of strategic planning and investments AIC PROMAGRO Tatiana Gavrilchenko.

To achieve the strategic goals of the company, few large investment projects scheduled to be implemented in 2017.

The biggest of them is the construction of the third division of the meat processing plant; its commissioning allows deep processing of pork meat, getting semi-products. Investments in production will be more than 1 billion rubles.

The construction of the third division of a meat processing plant allows getting additional profit due to the redistribution of it from the outside meat processing companies and reduction of transaction costs, controlling the quality of the final product, entering the consumer market with its own brand. Production of deep processing will enable the company to expand distribution network and to change the structure of clients.

Another important project is the construction of feeding buildings. By 2019 it ensures increase of pork meat production in live weight up to 67 thousand tons per year.

AIC PROMAGRO goal is also the implementation of non-waste technologies, which allows to process up to 98% of pork. One of the ways for this goal achievement is construction of protein concentrate production plant. The new production is designed to produce high quality meat and bone meal in the amount of 264 tons per month and feeding animal fat in the amount of 176 tons per month. This plant will reduce the cost of produced fodder and increase the level of biosecurity in all departments of the company.

Our company also plans to increase the volume of elevator for 6 thousand tons. Thus, PROMAGRO capacity for simultaneous storage of grain reaches 48 thousand tons.