Holding includes Agricultural production division, Beverages production division, Textile production division and a number of assets in construction, telecommunications and retail.
Founded Agroindustrial holding PROMAGRO
PROMAGRO entered the market of refrigerated convenience meat products with its own brand. The consumer brand was the basis of the retail brand: "Big City Food". Products by PROMAGRO brand are supplied to federal retail chains and non-retail stores.
The consumer brand PROMAGRO
Launch of the third site of PROMAGRO meat processing plant with a design capacity of more than 100 tons of convenience meat products per shift. Deep processing of pork is one of the priority and promising directions of the holding's development.
The third site of PROMAGRO meat processing plant


Launch of meat processing plant with capacity of 1 million heads per year. The plant featured in the Top-10 Russian cooled meat biggest producers.
Meat processing plant
Put into operation fodder plant with planned production 80 thousand tons of feeding stuff per year.
Fodder plant
Having run into operation Pigs breeding complex Oskolsky Bekon-3 with capacity of 25 thousand tons of meat per year located at Horoshilovo village Stary Oskol District.
Pigs breeding complex Oskolsky Bekon-3


PROMAGRO represented a new concept of corporate brand. By means of rebranding, we upgraded logo and company typeface, formatting standards of business correspondence, promotional items and company departments.
Upgrade of corporate brand


Genetic fund was renovated – high productive breed boars were purchased from leading selective breeder in Europe.
High productive breed boars


Pigs breeding plant Oskolsky Bekon-2 was run providing simultaneous operation of 5, 500 breeding pigs and output more than 130 thousand heads of pigs for sale (15 thousand tons of live weight) per year.
Pigs breeding complex Oskolsky Bekon-2


Opening of meat production and processing plant with capacity of 250 thousand slaughtered heads per year.
Meat processing plant


Pigs breeding plant Oskolsky Bekon-1 put into operation with production capacity 15 thousand tons of pork meat annually.
Pigs breeding complex Oskolsky Bekon-1


Establishment of Agroindustrial holding PromAgro Association. Company includes more than 10 enterprises focused on different production areas, such as agricultural, processing, construction.
Emblem of PromAgro Association