Division "Textile industry" of Promagro Holding implements a construction project for cottonized fiber production planT (modified flax fiber). 

The project involves building of the most contemporary flax processing plant in Russia after reaching a full capacity, the plant will be one of the largest in flax processing in Russian Federation.

Within few years PROMAGRO launches construction of primary processing plant of the flax straw to cottonized flax fiber using Russian and European innovating technologies, which ensures manufacturing of high quality competitive products.



  • Revival of high-quality flax fiber production in Russia;
  • Import substitution of foreign analogs and creation of material resources base in order to produce yarn and fabrics by Russian enterprises;
  • Development of Russia’s export capacity;
  • Encouragement of crop enterprises to cultivate flax straw.


Flax is a Russian-specific, ecologically safe and natural product with unique properties.


In the 20 century Russia held a leading position in the cultivation and processing of flax with a total share up to 80% in the world market.

No hazardous chemical used in processing technology.

High tenacity, durability and aging resistance.

 Breathability and hygroscopity.

Antiallergic and porosity.




Production complex of "Textile industry" division ("Russian Linen" LLC company) will be placed in Safonovo, Smolensk region



General project's information:

  • Construction start – 2018
  • Running equipment of leading foreign and Russian manufacturers





Goods manufactured:

  • Long flax fiber
  • Short flax fiber
  • Cottonized flax fiber / cottonized linen
  • Flax pellets